Yesterday I and some of the Free Your Mind team did a video about free your mind and I spent some time retelling my story to video, it was a really good but nerve wrecking experience.

At the point of having to tell my story by myself to camera i got really choked up, and it seems like i do each time, because i cant believe how much my life has changed and improved and when i talk about the dark times i go right back to just how unwell i was mentally and i get upset that that used to be me.

Never in my life would i have thought id be in such a position that I am now and i want to add this, just because you cant see the light it doesn’t mean it isnt there, we just need to realign our vision and how we see things. Faith will get you everywhere trust me and set backs are just a test to make sure you are really committed to making the change to your life. It really isnt easier said than done, sometimes you just have to do it!