When I saw this picture it instantly made me smile.
One of the things that helped me and still helps when I’m feeling down is to spend some time with children. I’m lucky to have a 2 year old sister and a 1 year old god daughter so I’m able to do that.
There’s nothing like an excuse to be silly and laugh by spending time in the company of children. You couldn’t get more blatant honesty, silliness and laughter than with a child!
I massively credit my little sister for bringing me so much peace when I was unwell, her playful spirit, her smile, always put me in a space of serenity. Just cuddling her made me feel at peace.
If you haven’t smiled or laughed in a while and you don’t have young children of your own go visit a friend or a family member with a baby or toddler it really works wonders! 🙂