I’ve been thinking about the term survivor and what it means.

From what I see from the outside and from what people say it is someone that has triumphed over adversity, someone who has overcome many barriers and things that once threatened maybe their lives, happiness to path to achieving something.

All of this is true, however I feel like we are all survivors the level of what we escaped from or overcame just may vary in degrees.  I feel like well known survivors are given a platform of awe and a pedestal which has people looking up to them, comparing their story and somehow wondering where their story fits in with all of that. I do believe and obviously there are some things that are so greatly achieved over adversity that it should be applauded, but this does instinctively mean people start to compare themselves, looking into their lives for something meaningful, a struggle they may not have had just so that they can compare themselves to this ‘struggle’. Trust me if you have not had a struggle in life just be grateful, do not go looking for it.

I often find myself being looked as a survivor and being praised as such, it is nice to be able to be an example in that way. I share my story not only to talk what I’ve been through, but what matters more to me is that people understand that you can go through all of those trails and still come through it and live a happy life. I do not want the trails and the drama to be all what is what my life was about, I am not worried that because my life is no longer full of those things. Life can keep that thank you I am thankful those days are over. Sometimes I feel sad when I hear about people see my story and say ‘well I have no story to tell’ ‘I haven’t lived a life like yours so its abit meaningless’ No this is not true at all. We are not all supposed to have lived the same story, it isn’t supposed to be a ‘me too’ culture. Some people have been afforded great things throughout their lives and achieved amazing things and some have had to fight harder just to get there, it is just how life is and there is no point being bitter about it.

I believe that we are all survivors of something, as I said what those things may be, will vary in degree of pain and duration, but what matters is that human spirit, strength and resilience of overcoming that we can all relate to. Do not be troubled if you haven’t been caught in war, climbed a mountain, written a Nobel Prize winning book. None of that is there to validate you, how you are as a person, your compassion for others, your patience; the kindness in your words and actions is what matters.

We are all survivors, whether it be just getting through a really bad day or long term battling situation. Life is hard and we all get up every day to tackle it to make it a meaningful and happy experience while were here.  That commonality in itself should bring us together, not divide us into leagues of who endured pain and what the most.

We are ALL #survivors.