Sleep, lack of it usually, when I’m down or anxious about something my sleep is always affected. I’m still trying to get closer to getting a good nights sleep but this is what helps me.

Showering in the morning – This wakes me up and gets my energy going the idea of this is to peak in the day and wind down towards the night time.

Keeping myself busy throughout the day – Work usually helps, tidying up, errands, writing, exercise, visiting someone. – I mention this because keeping active will essentially burn off more of your energy throughout the day, hence you being more tired and in a position to sleep more soundly at night.

Having a hot drink before bed (Caffeine free – NO CAFFEINE BEFORE BED!!) this can be, a malt drink like Horlicks, warm milk or for me it will be chamomile vanilla and honey tea from Twinnings. Drink it about 1 hour before bed or in bed letting your mind and body know that its sleep time!

Go for a walk or exercise – To burn off excess energy if you find your feeling restless before bed, or jog on spot to let it go!

NO social media, phones or laptops at least 1 hour before bed – These things will stimulate your brain and keep your mind alert and awake.

Relax in lamplight before bed – In the living room or your own room the dimness will help you wind down.

Also the Sleep Range from @thisworks is brilliant to help aid sleep and has won awards for it see more about it here:

Make sure you wear something comfortable to bed – There is nothing like being too hot or too cold whilst trying to sleep. Grrrrrrr this stuff has me tossing and turning!

Keeping a note pad by your bedside. – I recommend this because if your an over thinker or even a creative thinker like me, it gives you somewhere to offload your thoughts and the things that are keeping you awake right away before bed. The action of getting it out of your head and in writing will hopefully lessen the affect it has on keeping you awake.

If I have time a bath at night which helps put my mind into ‘chill mood’ and helps me to wind down, before bed. Lavender is great to put into your bath at night, or spray on your pillow. You can get these things from Boots, Amazon or Holland and Barrett or even the pound shop!

I hope this helps, do let me know, message me or leave a comment.

Also let me know of any tips you have!

Hope you all have many nights of good sleep to come xXx