Its been a busy few weeks with my cousins wedding (now gone) and trying to juggle helping her with arrangements for that around and doing things for Free Your Mind. So this week I’ve been talking some time out, to clear my head. I started to feel like i couldn’t think clearly and was feeling overwhelmed, i always tend to know what to do when this happens which is to take some time out. Sounds far fetched but i need as least human interaction as possible my energy was depleted and i couldn’t think creatively and wasn’t feeling inspired. I naturally crave quiet time and can get abit anti social. 

I know by next week ill be back at my social (ish) usual self, but this tends to go round in cycles depending on how busy I’ve been.

I think its good to have some me time and give back to yourself, especially if your a natural giver to others.

Is anyone else like this?