This time last year was so different that I can’t quite fathom it when i think about it now, after many crazy years. I found myself in a very dark place dealing with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Was in a soul destroying relationship, in a very unstable financial position and was fighting a court case and on top of that I didn’t know who I could trust anymore due friends dropping like flies left right and centre. Everything was a total mess. In my mind I had no real reason to live anymore it, had just become a psychically (literally) and emotionally painful existence, id stopped talking and started to bottle everything up my mind had become a ticking time-bomb. It astonishes me today to be able to say how different things are now, nothing is the same as it was last year. Well apart from the fact that I’m still alive! I promise you whatever you are going through you can get through it, if I can anyone can, i remember the times when I would cry myself to sleep then cry sad that I’d woken up the next morning, Now I thank god for a chance to make my life better everyday. And the people that make a positive difference to it and also want to thank you guys who follow me on here thank you. We are all in this together, all you need is just one person to show you that you are worth it and that person is YOU! and I believe in you too ❤ ???? Keep going I promise it will be worth it in the end ❤????????????????