This resonates so much with me. Finding people who accept you as you are is a life long process in general, but even more so, when you have a mental illness.
Not everyone will like how you are at times and what you do.
Mental illness sometimes makes me a self inflicted loner, awkward and quiet and at times I can be the total opposite.
I am lucky to now have people around me who accept me as I am. They don’t even make it hard for me, they love me anyway. I know I’m lucky, but trust me when I say it hasn’t always been like this, people have come and gone.
Sometimes people want to change certain things about me, not realising that if I change those things, I’d ended up not liking myself very much in the end, I would no longer be myself. I’m not a perfect person, I’ve made mistakes, but I am very grateful for those who have stayed in my life and loved me after seeing who I really am.
I also want to add that are not your mental illness, it is just one part of your life and there is so much more to you, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. Remember you are perfect for the hearts that are meant to love you.
Always be true to yourself, look after yourself and cherish those who love you, just as you are.