This is for everyone that feels like they are going through a ‘transitional period’ right now, this is for you.
I’ve been fighting this for a while the feeling came to me in December. I was confused by it but recent events helped me to understand that what I’m feeling is ok, these times of isolation are necessary to take you to the next step in life. We’ve just got to trust the process. ????

Some of us are in a Single Season… In fact, some of us have been in a single season for some time, now. And some of us feel as though we’re isolated… Even though we may have friends and family, social media contacts or co-workers… there’s a difference to the alone-time we’re spending, now. This isolation feels different, somehow… This single season feels different, somehow…

sometimes your ISOLATION is the pre-cursor to your ELEVATION.
Your current season of solitude is the preparation for expansion, in your life. 
You’re being prepared to elevate to the next level.

It is vital that you both review and integrate your life lessons, during this time. It is vital that the knowledge gained through life experiences, deepen into wisdom.

Not doing so can be a deal-breaker… Because no elevated blessing was ever handed to someone stuck in transition, let alone one who’s stuck in hot mess mode. Brutal, I know. But please… understand. I’m not trying to discourage or judge anyone; I would never; I’ve been there. What I’m trying to do is SHED LIGHT, and motivate.

During your period of isolation, it is vital that you address the gaping holes inside yourself…. old pain, harbored resentment, seething anger, and other self destructive emotions and tendencies. It has been said that all of these emotions are natural and human. That is so, but allow me to share this essential truth: while it is absolutely natural to feel resentful, angry, or in pain at times, we are not meant to linger in those spaces. Those are the very things that will hinder if not utterly block, our elevation.