There will be a few people, that you will meet who will take a snapshot of your life.
Instead of openly taking the time getting to know you, they will stick around just trying to figure you out, in a commitment to misunderstanding you. Standing by looking and waiting for you to mess up just for that ‘I knew it moment’ .
Why do they do this, their are many reasons, jealousy, envy, they just don’t take to/like you (and in that case what are they doing around you?).
My advice is to not waste ANY time trying to convince them of anything, these people do not mean you well and you will waste much of your life feeling like a naughty school child, justifying every movement you make to them.
The right and very few people will come, make no guesses and take you for who you are.

Me and a little from my very wise mother… 🙂