The past month has been a really testing one, i think it’s been a test of my will and whether I really want the things I want out of life and what I am prepared to do to get them. It seemed that at times that god was up there ⬆️ having a laugh at my expense. My passion was tested, my mental health was tested as I experienced panic attacks and anxiety again and I’d not had them in a while. I was exhausted, ill and lost my sense of purpose and perspective and felt broken to be honest. I cried at an event which was quite embarrassing but at the same time as I look back I realise that it showed that I’m human. I put a lot of pressure on myself and forget that at times.
It’s ok to fall apart, it’s ok to cry but the one thing I that never left me was hope. Now I’m using that hope to get me back to my old self again this week, I’m taking the pressure off and realising that I only have myself to prove things too. I hope if your reading this and you’ve felt tested recently that you feel encouraged and know that it’s ok to have moments of doubt, to fall apart and cry we’re only human not super human. Take some time out to breathe and get back to who you are ♥️. ???? @natashakbenjamin