This is a term referred to by Doris Lessing.
It is in regard to the tendency in our culture towards basking in unhappiness and assumptions that suffering equals virtue.
I’ve discussed something similar with my therapist.
To some extent maybe this is true for some, however, those qualified in mental health know when someone is faking it or not being honest, they know what behaviours and signs to look out for.
Basking in unhappiness is really a terrible way to live life and I don’t believe anyone with a mental illness ‘basks’ in the feelings that they experience.
If you understand mental illness you will know it is not something individuals enjoy or even want to have to deal with in their lives, it is a soul destroying experience, although I understand sometimes that it feels like bad times are all life has to offer so you just battle through it or even withdraw and lose all hope, but not for actual enjoyment and to suggest such is very belittling, insensitive and just shows how little one knows about it.
If you are truly basking and enjoying your sadness its doubtful that you have a mental illness in my opinion.
The only way to understand mental health is to go through it yourself, until then reserve such judgements, most people suffering just wish to be happy.