Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend so far!

I’ve decided to round up my week each Sunday with my thoughts and call it Sunday Spirit. I hope you like it. 🙂

This week has been an interesting week for a few reasons: I’ve had a few blasts from the past try to reconnect with me and also I’ve learned that you can actually think WAY TOO much about thinking!

I love learning, I am what you would call a ‘seeker’, I love reading up on spirituality, what we’re thinking, WHY we’re thinking and old books on life, but sometimes we have to stop, just be and take in what we have learned, before we go on seeking more information. Otherwise you can start to overwhelm yourself with constant thoughts and give yourself an almighty migraine, which is something I found myself doing. I put down the books and switched off the YouTube videos and restarted doing Pilates to relax my mind and started having some fun, ate some foods that I liked and treated myself a little bit. This has worked wonders, I will pick up the books again soon, but it was great to have a moment out.

I also learned how resistant I’ve come to the past and how far I’ve come and moved on.

Recently, I’ve experienced a few people from my past who didn’t treat me very well, trying to make a reappearance into my life. I must admit I found it very cheeky, thinking how do these people have the audacity to try and reenter my life, are they deluded?! Whhyyyyyy!

These people treated me horribly, made me second guess myself and also said some really nasty untrue things about me to other people, not forgetting the unrelenting drama that came with them. The irony in which I’ve found comfort in, is that I’m clearly not the bad person they made me out to be, because they’re back like a flash! Lol

I’m afraid that the past is where they will stay though. I have no bitter feelings towards them because at one point there was some good. I have forgiven but I have not forgotten the lesson in the drama that they brought to my life and I simply don’t want it back. I’m happy in where I am now, minus them. 

The old me would’ve let them back in and let them trample over me again, but the me that I am now, the stronger me, NO! We owe it to ourselves to let go of people who poison our spirits.

Lastly I’ve learned that you shouldn’t always have to force someone to remember you all the time. Not to play games, but we do find out how important we are to those who simply don’t put in their share of effort when we pull back and let them see how life is without our input. This traditionally goes against my ’ all heart’ approach that I encourage. Do give your all, do be kind, I would always prefer to say that I gave my all and keep my head high knowing that. However there is a fine line, do know when you are giving to much to people who don’t appreciate your presence either.

Hope you enjoyed this Sunday Spirit, do comment and let me know. 🙂

A well spent Sunday makes for a much more in tune coming week, set your intentions today, what is it that you want? This is your reminder that you can handle whatever life throws at you. 🙂

Lots of love Me x