Sunday Spirit: Loss and Friendship.

During the period of my life where I was slowly on the way to a very big break down. Id been let down by people who said they’d always be there, I was unemployed and really unwell with mental illness, fighting a court case and was in arrears with my rent and being threatened to be thrown out. Life was just a big mess! At that time I was shown kindness in ways that I will NEVER forget. The friends who just came by to visit, the friends who brought me dinner because I couldn’t afford it, the friends who just listened, and knew when to leave me alone when I needed it. Not at any point did they really leave my side, judge me, ask for any of it back or resent me for it. When I speak about friendship from the soul this is what I’m talking about because I had nothing to give, but they were still there! It honestly brings me to tears when I think about it because of the way the world is losing its empathy for each other, we’re forgetting that were are not here to see through each other, we are here to see each other through!
Even when I began free your mind as a social enterprise it was from nothing ( I often wonder if they thought what on earth is she doing, how is she gonna do it?! Lol) Again those friends have shown kindness and support in many ways that I will never forget. Even as I write this I feel that words can’t even express that appreciation enough, I pray that one day there will be a way that I feel will be big enough to show these people just how thankful I am.
The day you lose everything, really is the day that you know who your friends are and I am glad to know who they are now. ❤️.