Sunday spirit: Life lessons.

One of the strangest things you can do is think you own another persons life decisions. We all have our own path and life lessons to learn.
There will be times in our lives where we will not like choices a friend or loved one has made and we make it personal to ourselves. This is our ego speaking, thinking that everyone should listen to you and if they don’t they are stupid or a lesser person. Just because you give someone advice it still doesn’t mean that either.
You cannot tell someone else how to live, even if they are making a choice that isn’t good for them, it is for THEM to learn that lesson and grow.
Don’t expect other people to align their life choices to meet your approval.
The worst thing you can do is walk away or tell them I do told you so, the best thing you can do is say ‘I don’t agree with this decision you are making, but I am still here because I love you and I support you’
We have ALL had a time in our lives where we made a decision a friend or loved one didn’t agree with, did every single person you know walk away from you for it?!
No, so stop being a hypocrite, get over your need to be right, put down the judgement and show them that same love they showed you.