So many emotions, tomorrow is my uncles funeral he was an alcoholic, he numbed the pain of his life with alcohol after he lost his arm in a car accident and he was never the same again. He spent his life in and out of prison mostly because he had no self worth and didn’t know or think there was more to life to strive for so he did what was easy, and what allowed him to block out the harsh realities of life.
He was also the most talented artist you have ever seen, he could draw anything and I always admired him for this and used to pester him to draw and paint things for me. I used to always say his talent was god given because after he lost this right arm which used to draw with, he found that he could still draw just as well with his left! That was god given that was talent that is meant to be. I wish he knew how much he was loved, I wish he knew that he still had potential, I wish I’d told him more often, but I find comfort in knowing you are no longer living in daily pain and now at peace x