The Month of January has been a very self reflecting month, I’ve purposely been trying to clear my mind and starve my ego of negative thoughts and feed my soul with what it really needs.
I love learning about self reflection and have been feeding my mind with books, listening to spiritual leaders and have learned so many things. So now is the time to put those things into practice.
One of the biggest things I’ve learned and really wanted to share is how much our egos govern our minds, the ‘I’ the ‘Wants’ the desires which can make us act out vs what is really needed and what is actually good for us. Also how our egos can blur our perceptions of things.
It is important to sit outside of yourself and listen to your thoughts but to question them. Ask yourself why am I believing this? Is it even true?
Psychologist studies have found that about 90% of our thoughts are repetitive and untrue.
Learn to challenge your thoughts, not every thought we believe is the truth! It is only our perception. This is far from an overnight change, this takes time to learn I know because I am the worst when it comes to installing this sort of thing into my life, but I am determined to try.

I will post below some of the things I have been reading and watching.
The first thing you should get is a book called Outwitting the devil by Napoleon Hill.
Lets do this together, let me know if you get the book! Xxx