If someone was there for you when you were in a bad place, but the cost of that was them always reminding you of how much they were there, and then on top of that, once your life became better, all they did was throw digs at you for moving for bettering your life and belittling your achievements. 

Would you still feel in debt to them for the days that they were there, even though you at every point, bowed down in appreciation? 

When do you get to move on, is this a case of misery liking company so they preferred you when you were unhappy? Its interesting i spoke to some close friends about this and the consensus was that we shouldn’t be held to ransom by the people who have been there for us. If things are done from a genuine place then there should never be a ransom for that, it shows that they were never there for the right reasons. Its one thing if you arent grateful or never said thank you but if someone is constantly reminding you of the time they helped you out,  then its probably time you moved on from them, because they are jammed stuck in the past. A place where you are no longer, the past is a place we once visited, but we are at no liberty to stay. 

Make no apologies for that, the truth is sometimes misery loves company and if someone prefers you when you are miserable, then that’s probably a friend you don’t need.