Love is supposed to compliment you not complete you.
There is nothing like finding that person who is everything you’ve dreamed of and falling in love, but never forget who you are what makes you happy and the things that make you who you are!
The right person will not want to change you, everything about you will be right, for the heart that is meant to love you! ♥️
There is nothing wrong with somebody being a positive influence on you, excepting you for who you are and encouraging you to become your best. In fact that is what we should all be aiming for.
However it is sad and a big mistake when people drop everything to focus on one person. Changing themselves, forgetting family and friends who were there before, but sometimes this happens. All you can do is wish them the best and understand that it was probably a weak bond in the first place.
Anything real will stand the test of time. ♥️.