Let’s be honest, I only have so much good advice to give because I’ve done so many stupid things in my life. The turning point for me came when I learned from my mistakes. For a long time I didn’t, I continued on thinking that none of it was to do with me when I was the common denominator in some of my problems.
It’s a painful but liberating reality when you can see what part you play in some of the problems and drama in your life.
For example; You may be complaining about the way people treat you but are you telling them about it? Remember people only treat us how we allow them too.
Why are you putting up with it? Love or nothing, we make things so much more complicated than they are. A simpler life is when we take responsibility for what happens in our life instead of being a victim to what occurs, think what can I learn from this? Take what you need to know and don’t let it happen again.
On the flip side, don’t allow people to brand you by the mistakes you’ve made, these experiences are how you learn from life and nobody can live your lessons for you and you cannot live in the past it’s gone, if others wish too then leave them there where they want to be. There are no perfect humans walking this earth.
The biggest mistake you can make in life, is acting like you’ve never made any.
It’s never late to do better, knowing better. @natashakbenjamin ????.