I was speaking with someone today who has managed to bravely overcome their disorder. She told me about all the experiences she went through, all to which I could relate to. She then told me something very valuable and I know it’ll take time but it is to learn to recognise your ‘Triggers’.

My blood pressure has been scarily high recently and I am trying to learn to relax, which anyone with this disorder knows is no mean feat.

I’ve decided to work on it in two ways, to recognise my positive triggers (things that help me feel calm again) and my negative triggers (the things that set off my anxiety and panic)

One of the things I realised straight away is to eliminate ‘trigger people’. This is a really hard thing to do as I am very sentimental and feel very guilty about it, but it is a MUST, the last thing a person with this disorder needs is an emotional drainer or someone who doesn’t want or have the patience to understand what you are going through. I always feel so in debt to the people that I am lucky enough to have around me who support me and understand. I feel guilty that they have to put up with me, but at the same I feel so lucky and blessed to have them. 

Listen to your body and look back at past attacks you’ve had and write down what might have triggered it and ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVE!…This is definitely a step towards overcoming things.