Its taken me a long time to get to this point, and i wouldnt say im anywhere near the finishing line, but maybe i never will, be maybe i will always be here to learn and grow maybe that is what life is about…

All the times i thought i knew it all i knew nothing, so im going to be humble and be content in what i know right now.

What I know now, is that being perfect is a myth it is ridiculous and unobtainable. We all have our idea of what perfection is in our mind but to someone else that is probably imperfect. So dont worry about being perfect and pleasing people and work on being in a content place within yourself. That to me is the only type of perfection i will ever want, to me comfortable with me.

To know that I am a big kid, I say silly things alot, Im clumsy confused easily, dramatic and hyper but on the other hand I see the good in most people, I love affection, I fight for what I want in life, I love with all my heart, I care maybe too much sometimes but I am striving to be me, maybe ill never ‘look’ as perfect as I want, and some days that may get me down but it wont own me. I am my own imperfect self x