If I could tell a young person growing up or even an adult who might be feeling lost or misunderstood anything. It would be to work on building a strong sense of yourself, get to the bones of who you really are and be assured of it better than you know anything else.

Listen to the music ignites you, wear the outfit because it pleases you, have the hair cut, travel, drink the wine or the water, read books that intrigue you, eat the food that you enjoy and walk the path that encourages peace and contentment within you.

Commit yourself to work on having a strong sense of who you are. Your likes, dislikes, your light and your shade (because we all have that side) and it is important to be very self aware, keep your ego in check and self correct when necessary, because no one is perfect.

Realise your imperfections and embrace them.


Because we live in a world where people will constantly make judgement’s and tell you who they think you are, complete strangers will, people who have met you once will, people who haven’t seen you in years will!

You WILL be misunderstood, your words will be, your actions will be, your intentions will be, and having a strong sense of self will shield you against letting the weight of it all in. Enabling you to brush it off with certainty because you KNOW who you are.

Don’t ever let anyone that has never taken the time to understand who you are, tell you who you are and have it seep into your pores and break you down. It is one of the most destructive things you will ever allow (yes allow)!

Think of the last time someone said something about you that hurt you, the reason why this happened is because you lacked a strong sense of self. Of course you can be angry or annoyed of their misjudgment, but you must NOT allow it to bother you for more than that moment. Move forward knowing exactly who you are and leave them to it.

Do not waste a moment on your life trying to control peoples opinion of you, remember that you are not for everybody and everybody is not for you, and that is a great thing, because it means there is someone for every person somewhere. So you do not have to run around trying to please anybody, it is a monumental waste of your short time on earth!

So work on yourself, polish and hone your gut instinct and NOT your fears. Spend time with yourself, access your demons and touch the pain with an aim to learn from it, heal and let things go.

Having a strong sense of self helps you in all areas of your life, it enables you to say no when you want to and yes when it feels right. It helps you to make better decisions based on logic and not emotion, you are less indecisive when you know who you are.

We take less things personally when we know who we really are and we judge less because we aren’t focused on anyone else we are always looking at our own path ahead.

Knowing who you are has endless benefits for yourself and others, so become your own best friend first and work on knowing yourself really well because they’re will always be someone who will be ready to tell you who they think you are.