If you have ever felt like you can’t be your true self around the people that you call friends, then its time to change them.
Have you ever found that you were so scared to voice your opinion for fear of backlash that you just went with whatever they said? Have you ever felt peer pressure to be just like them because being you made them unhappy?
Even if it burned at your spirit inside? Have you ever felt lonely in a room surrounded by them? Have you felt to weak to break away? It’s time to find your voice, stay strong and break away. Don’t play down yourself for anyone, the right people will love the REAL YOU! Don’t be afraid to start a fresh it is better than hiding who you are. Who are you not to be gorgeous brilliant and talented? Well who are you NOT to be! I spent way too many years feeling trapped in friendships where i felt i couldn’t be myself, it destroyed my health and wellbeing. I compromised myself until i hit rock bottom and it was then that i learned to break free!
Let go of the things and the people that bring you down.
I promise you will never be happier in your life.