If I can show you anything through free your mind, it’s that you can achieve anything with self belief. I have achieved more in a year than I have in my whole life honestly and that was down to a change in my mindset and self belief and hard work. Over a year ago my mental health was in a very severe place, I was unemployed and about to be thrown out of where I was living, pretty much everything was in tatters.
Then one day I decided I’d had enough and that if I was going to continue in this life id been given that things HAD to change and just over a year later everything is better and I have achieved so many things I that I never would thought of in my wildest dreams, including my mental health and happiness. ????
Decide that you are not going to live another year in a way that doesn’t make you happy, change your circumstances, follow your passions, work hard, let go of anything that doesn’t build you in a positive way and don’t stop. If you’d like more hands on help on how you can do this via our one to ones and workshops do get in touch