I wish I could say I was good at relationships in the past but I was awful. A broken person disgusted as together picking equally broken people to have a relationship with. It’s been one of the biggest things I’ve learned in time.
I picked people according to how I felt about myself thinking they would complete me and that having someone was better than having no one.
I used to think relationships were about fighting (not psychically), drama, hurt, struggle and pain. I remember an old friend saying to me once ‘Tasha you don’t have to fight in every relationship, every relationship shouldn’t be a fight to win and make it work’ and it was so true. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that what we allow is what will continue and what you put up with you end up with. I used to put up with cheating, mental abuse, lies, drama regular arguments and put downs and thought this is what it was all about (again a lot of it relates to my past and how I saw relationships conducted as a child).
Now I know it’s not, not because I’ve met someone new, but because I know myself better and have opened up my eyes to what I was putting up with. Love isn’t pain.
So you may be wondering how the above picture relates to this? Well now I’m hoping I can meet someone to share the better times with I believe happiness should be shared and for the first time in my life I genuinely feel ready, no hang ups and no more looking for someone else to complete me. Because I complete me.