I remember once when feeling down being asked if I was having a depressed day?
Depression is more than one day, it is a long occurrence of not having the energy or motivation to do things that people do easily everyday, like get out of bed, shower, eat. Or leave the house and more. Depression isn’t always even just about thinking, sometimes you don’t even know how you feel, you just feel numb to everything and that’s when the despair comes. The more days that go by like this, the more you start to lose sense of who you are, leaving you feeling enveloped in a drowning sense of darkness, depression is so much more than a down day.
So many things can leave us trapped in our minds, childhood traumas, mistakes, things we’ve learned that we need to unlearn. The lies we tell ourselves that we live as our truths.
There is an untold story inside of all of us and keeping that story inside our heads can cause so much pain. Never be ashamed to seek help, know that seeking help is brave and the first step to change. Free your mind, speak your truths, take back the narrative in your story. I want you to know that things can get better, although you may feel hopeless now all hope is NOT gone, and that help and support is out there for you. You are not alone, we are all in this together. @natashakbenjamin ???? (at www.freeyourmindcic.com)