I often hear people say ‘your mom must feel so guilty when she hears about how the domestic violence you witnessed affected you when she could have left’
I guess she probably could, but what I want her to know is that I understand that she is human and that we all make mistakes and as much as those mistakes cost me too, I know she did everything in her capacity and power at the time (understand that) to keep me as safe as possible and you know what in the end we did leave, we fled with the clothes on our back and that was the last time he psychically hurt us. Although mentally it lasted almost permanently.
I’ve never blamed her for it, I’m not gonna lie the situation did cause tensions between us in the past because she was hurting and so was I, we were both mentally scarred, but most of the times we seemed to be in it battling together fighting for each other. It wasn’t her who was violent and tortured us I can’t blame my mom for someone else’s evil behaviour.