I know my flaws I’m very aware of my mistakes in the past, I beat myself for them more often than most would realise. I think one of the things I struggle most with is forgiving myself.
Since I started this blog it’s made me more self aware, I’m not perfect and I’m not trying to ever portray that I am. I just hope that I can use my experiences to help others to not make the mistakes I did.
I’m not proud of who I used to be, but the funny thing is, is that I wasn’t actually a bad person. I was just lost, had no identity of my own and no idea how to lead my own life, as well as not dealing with the things that happened in my childhood.
Trust me, before you can say “she did this, She was like that”
I already know, but my past isn’t my future.
I’ve lived, I’ve learned and I’m still learning ✌