Today..whilst doing my usual thinking..I thought about some of the friends and family I have, some of the people that have done and still do kind things for me and the people that love me…Not in a conceited way but it got me to thinking then I really cant be all that bad…can I? 

If people want to spend time talking to me and being around me I cant be all bad.

My cousin asked me to be her bridesmaid..I cant be all bad…

A close friend gave me the special honour of being God mother to her new born daughter and I was so touched, and I thought she must think alot of me to do that..I cant be all bad…I dont know Its just the ramblings im my head..

I was offered a really great opportunity today…I cant be all bad

I woke up to a lovely encouraging message from my friend one morning…I cant be all bad 

In the bigger picture it just got me to thinking I spend alot of time thinking about the people who think the worst of me, but on the other hand i have people around me who love me and think the world of me, yet i focus on the bad…Im trying my hardest not to, but its hard changing habits of a lifetime….