Honestly this is so true because the amount of things I’ve heard people make up that I’ve said, even though those things were untrue is crazy! I remember once being approached aggressively by someone who told me they knew about ‘half a story’ the irony was so ridiculous that this person hadn’t even bothered to find out the other half but had already made up their mind and was now angry. Realising this I didn’t even argue to try and find out what this story was, I was already very mentally unwell at the time, but knowing that this person had jumped to a conclusion only having heard something from someone else and was ready to come at me aggressively and acting disrespectfully towards me, I just closed the last chapter of the book on that person and left them to it.
Sometimes the best thing to do is to stay quiet. Ironically enough people still find a way to interpret that in their own way as well!
My mom once told me,’let people believe what they want, going around trying to justify yourself when you know the truth is just a waste of time’
This isn’t a court of law this is life!Know your truth and live it regardless of what’s being said.