Today there are many ways and many avenues to speak out and
express yourself; social media has created a place for anyone to say out loud
just what they are thinking at any given moment. Which is a good and a bad
thing at times, but many young people  like you still find that they cannot open up
and be honest about how they’re feeling for many reasons;

You feel you are not being listened to

You feel your feeling don’t matter

For many reasons you can’t talk to the people
you have around you

No-one really cares so you bottle your feelings

You find it hard to get the thoughts and
feelings out in words out of your head

If this is you, then there are a few things you can do to
help yourself, find someone that you can talk to, a mentor, a friend, a teacher,
a mentor, a family member.

Someone you feel respects you and makes you feel like
your feelings matter when you speak to them. Remember speaking out about
anything is brave, so don’t be discouraged or sacred of being judged

Do not bottle your feelings, is it very harmful to do
this, it can actually make everything seem worse in your mind, as the unresolved
and unexpressed feelings are allowed to grow and you can start to lose
perspective of everything.

There are even support groups you can join, to meet
people who are like you to open up to and make new friends. Take a look here
for one near to you: or you can join my online closed private support group here:

 Express yourself in a form that feels comfortable like
sports, music, and art, writing poetry, keeping a journal or a blog. It is very
important to have somewhere to offload because your feelings do matter and they
need to be expressed and not kept inside of your mind. I find writing helps me
because I can slow down my thoughts and look back at them from the outside in
and make sense of everything.

Saying how you feel is healthy, never feel bad for
opening up and saying how you feel, however be mindful of how you say it. Many
good messages and feelings have got lost in the way they have been delivered so
try to take a deep breath, stay calm and say how you feeling in a way that you
would like to hear something yourself to prevent harm being caused by expressing
yourself in a way you may regret and never feel like what you have to say isn’t important. Everyone’s voice matters.