I spent my weekend with two friends, we had this weekend planned in advance for quite sometime as were all so busy with work. They said wanted to do something to celebrate my achievements which was such a lovely thing to want to do and that we did!. It was a really fun filled time.
There was a moment in the evening where we ‘cheered’ to friendship and for me the word friendship has changed so much over the years, I find people throw the word ‘best friend’ around too loosely and I used to naively be one of them. After going through a very dark time as I’ve mentioned before, i found out who my friends were and a massive circle became a handful. I got quite emotional when explaining that going through that changed how trusting i was and how scared i was at the concept of friendship but that i was so grateful to have them during those bad times and into the good. Its all about balance, respect, trust and non judgement and love.

You will know a real friendship when you have one, because you will like who you are when you are around them.
Its not always about having lots of friends to count, but a small group of friends you can count on. xXx

Ps you can see pics from the weekend on my instagram: NatashakBenjaminimage