Everyone’s journey is theirs and theirs alone. We all have different levels of resilience. This is down to the unique experiences that we all face in life, the one thing that someone else has experienced is what might make them react differently to you. Who we are, is in our own unique make up.
So please, before you tell someone to snap out of it, ‘never mind’ to ‘get over it’ up and ‘stop playing the victim’.
Know this, that a dismissive comment might just make that person feel worse, even guilty for feeling how they feel and how is that going to make anything better?.
We can all be empathetic, but NO ONE will ever be able to exactly know how you feel because they are not YOU!
We could all make a positive difference by trying a little tenderness and understand that we all come from a different place.
Show love, not judgement and see what a difference it makes x