Do: Trust your instinct; it is your body’s intrinsic way of protecting you, if something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. I used to ignore my instinct and it got me into all sorts of messes, now I do and it hasn’t proved me wrong yet.

Don’t: Be bitter, learn what you need to from life, make peace with the lessons given to you and move forward, even when it hurts.

Do: Treat yourself how you want to be treated, if you constantly put yourself down and treat yourself badly, you may just attract people who do the same, there is nothing wrong in treating yourself nicely. Start with you first and share that love with others.

Don’t: Compare yourself to others; this is a complete injustice to the person god created you to be, be yourself and make the best of you, always be yourself. If you don’t know what that is yet, spend some time with yourself and figure it out without the noise of others.

Do: Take responsibility for your life and how it is.  Guess what?! No one is coming to save you, so you better save yourself! Be your own hero.

Don’t: Let defeat discourage you, as I always say learn the lesson you need to, what could you have done better? Maybe it just wasn’t your time. Keep going what is meant for you WILL NOT miss you. Failure and defeat means you tried!

Do: Remove toxic relationships out of your life, free yourself, be it friends family, boyfriends whatever, don’t be afraid to start again, it will be the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

Don’t: Take good people for granted, they don’t come easily trust me. The regrets most people have in life are the chances they didn’t take and the people lost that they took for granted.

Do: Stop being so critical of everyone and yourself, find something nice to say or don’t bother. Be kind, be thankful and grateful for the good.

Don’t: Put off what you can do for today for tomorrow, nothing is guaranteed but this moment you have NOW. Don’t over think everything sometimes we just need to go for it and figure it out afterwards; take chances you never know when they may come again.


<3 – Natasha K Benjamin