I saw a statement the other day that rubbed me the wrong way if I’m honest. It said that ‘Depression is the result of over thinking’
This is an uneducated understatement, and if I ever see that person I want to tell them that it is SO much more than thoughts. 
Its a feeling that leaves you not even knowing what you are feeling or even where to start. It is a fog that catches your breath and you cant even put your thoughts into words or even process them properly. 
You feel like you are lost in time, whilst the world continues on around you. You cant even do basic things like get out of bed and contemplate the day. 
There’s no off switch, there’s no on switch, but for some. They find their way through the fog into the light.
I wish people would stop making sweeping statements without knowing, but I guess that’s where we come in to show them different.

I guess they’ve never really been depressed.