You can have the best friends and family in the world the best job, almost everything you want when Depression decides to creep in and enter your brain and make you feel like you don’t deserve any of that happiness. You are a fraud. None of your friends really like you or care. In fact you are a horrible human being, who will never be happy no matter how much you want it or try. You annoy everyone you are an irritant and the jokes on you.

These thoughts fill your head until you believe it completely, to the point of tears to the point you cant concentrate on anything or complete simple tasks. You feel like you are losing your mind. 

Your trapped, trapped in a mindset you thought you’d let go, how did I get here again, who will help me? How can I help myself.

Until you wear yourself out, tired of thinking, tired of trying to shut off the voice bullying you inside your mind….Exhausted, you fall asleep and wake up in a confused fog, go about your day as normal, until the next time….