The concept of someone changing and starting a new is always an fascinating concept, we all want to do it at some point in some form, and most of all when we decide to change, we immediately expect everyone else to move forward with us. Unfortunately this does not miraculously happen, not everyone wants to or can get used to the ‘newer’ you.

Some people prefer the old you, maybe you were a push over and now you stand up for yourself, maybe you used to be an addict, made mistakes and now you are clean.

There are just some individuals that cannot and do no want to get past it and will always remind you of who you WERE.

I struggle with this sometimes, because I know I have changed a great deal, but I know their are individuals who are not ready to let go of the old me, that want to keep their energies going by holding onto the past and refuse to acknowledge it.

On days when I let it get to me it frustrates me and gets under my skin, but deep down I know that anyone who personally cannot let you move forward must be left behind where they would prefer to be.

Its not easy to let go, change and move forward and you would think that most people would praise such a step, changing your mindset and the way you choose to live your life for the better, is a courageous and brave thing to do. So if you are reading this and can relate, know that I COMMEND AND SUPPORT YOU!

However, their will always be someone who is more comfortable holding a grudge and someone who believes you are faking it and incapable of change, my answer to this is not to fight with them or argue with them let them be because that only takes you to their level and back to the place they would prefer you to stay. Its takes SO much energy to hold a grudge and all those feelings are only detrimental and affects the person who chooses to hold it.

I am by no means a new and perfect person, I have just learned a lot from my mistakes and choosing to live differently going forward.I am acknowledging my mistakes and not acting like they never happened and that there is the difference.

When someone decides to change their life positively why not choose to commend them and encourage them instead of being miserable and cynical about it? How are they ever going to be able to move forward with their lives if they are constantly reminded of what used to be?

Everyone deserves a second chance, but their are some, who only want to believe this, when they want that second chance for themselves.