They call today ‘Blue Monday’ the day of the year people most feel a dip in their moods leaving them feeling sad (not Depressed but sad)

Its cold outside, the new year brings new challenges and questions for us, the post celebratory feelings from the festive season has died down, its not surprising that some of us feel the effects of this.

On days like this, I suggest that you do one nice thing for yourself and have what I call a ‘Personal check in’

Need a suggestion?

Today I brought myself my favourite Soya Gingerbread Latte from Costa this morning, it’s a simple self gesture, but what it signals to me is:

  • That I’ve made the effort to get up and dressed
  • Left my home and got some fresh air
  • Treated myself = This makes me FEEL GOOD!

That’s all that matters and your thing can be this small!

The ‘Personal check In’

If you can do this ‘check in’ for yourself over a few days even better.

Grab a note pad or the one in your phone and start with your foundations, (YOU) think about it and write it down.

Look at your self care routine, what are you doing for yourself? What have you done for yourself today?

What things are you doing unnecessarily in life?

Are the things you do everyday that add to your happiness and what are you doing that doesn’t? (Get rid of those things!)

Check in with yourself often and keep your well being ‘well’ (yes that’s you!) topped up.

As with life’s ongoing challenges, there will be many more ‘Blue Mondays’ that aren’t in the worlds calendar, so its vitally important that you have your own personal self care tool kit to deal with those days as best as possible.



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