Blog: What a crazy and surreal weekend, it truly has been beautiful and I’m in awe of it.
I spoke at event on Saturday and shared my story, stuff I haven’t shared before out loud.
It was very emotional and I definitely cried! Everyone was so supportive towards me and now I’m so glad that I did do it.
The love in the room beamed and I was thankful to be amongst so many amazing people.
There are still parts of my story I haven’t shared, as its just abit too painful, but slowly I am finding my voice, living out loud and hopefully helping others.
Mental illness and Domestic violence kept me captive for so long, but I feel free from its chains. Every now and again its effects will try to visit but now it no longer stays.
Getting an award blew my mind, I was super excited but nervous and can’t believe someone would award me for doing something that comes from my heart! Words can’t express how grateful I am! I just want to burst! Grateful for anyone who supports me, we are in this together. ❤️