Be careful what you tell yourself, you may come to believe it.
I was talking to someone today and spent a lot of time on the things I wasn’t so good at, the lady I was speaking to laughed and replied “ yes you keep telling yourself that and you will never be any better at those things’
In that moment, I felt very stupid, not because she had insulted me, but because it was the truth. Why am I telling myself these things? It will definitely not make a positive difference.
It makes absolute sense to speak positively to yourself, why tell yourself you are crap, that you are rubbish? It makes no sense.
I like many people are very self depreciating, so I find it hard to seriously compliment myself or say something I’m good at, but in a world where everyone else is quick to put you down and tell you what you are not good at. We should be speaking to ourselves positively, being our own best friend and encouraging ourselves.
If I don’t think I’m good enough, why should anyone else?
The love starts with you first.