Are you? This time last year was so different for me, in so many ways, friendships, relationships, circumstances, my health, everything!

I look back and feel abit overwhelmed at lost mess that Id become, literally dead between the eyes and inside.
I can’t imagine a lonelier feeling than being lost within yourself.

Experience has taught me that you never really learn anything until you stop, simplify your life and take stock of the things you’ve been through.

Until I realised this, I thought I had dealt with and knew everything

However I wouldn’t change a thing, as painful and destroying as some of those moments have been, they have contributed to who I am now and given me the tools to know better. Sure I’d like to be more relaxed and less anxious but experiences and mistakes are a part of life and a part of human beings trying. They say if you do not try you’ll never know and i know so much more now.

Your circumstances do not change until you do…x