At the moment  I am trying to balance looking after my Mental health along with running free your mind and I’m not going to lie its been hard. I’ve had so many ups and very many downs. I reckon I’ve aged about 10 years this year! I take alot more time out from people than I used to as i find I get drained quickly. I crave alone time more than ever.

I’ve had to ask myself and god many times am I doing the right thing? Should I give up? The answer is that I’ve come way to far to stop now, so much light has come from my darkness. 

I’ve been nominated for a few awards this year which is lovely, but when I first started out I didn’t know you could win awards, i just wanted and still just want to help people feel less alone and encourage them to speak out and heal through writing. I haven’t won any so far and there is a slight feeling of deflation at the award shows when that happens, but i quickly tell myself off, as this is just a  bonus to what I do and it isn’t my motivation. I don’t want to get caught up in that world, the world of competition and things like that I just want to do well being myself.

If you don’t keep a level head, these things  could take away from your passion and make you forget why you started. I never want that to happen. I’d rather have a long list of people I have helped, through my work than a long list of awards that I’ve won.

Don’t get me wrong I am SO grateful that my work is being recognised, but I am happy with the kind letters I receive and knowing what I do makes an impact from the people themselves.