This list isn’t exhaustive or even exclusive to entrepreneurs, but this is a snapshot of the things that plague us often and knowing more about it, could help you to understand the complexities of what we experience!

  1. We do not like talking on the phone, (if we have too, we will), but we don’t want too, so please if possible send us an email or a text! We just find the whole ordeal too much and we can’t explain why!
  1. We get incredibly overwhelmed easily by small things, (A late email, a deadline, an overdue bill) please be patient with us while we gain perspective and remember that the world isn’t over.
  1. We over think EVERYTHING and often believe most of what we do isn’t good enough. Was that tweet or, campaign, blog post (delete as applicable) ok? (We never want to offend anyone or get anything wrong, EVER)
  1. We are besieged by all the tasks we have to do daily, (it takes us a minute to realise that what doesn’t get done is totally ok and the world won’t stop if it doesn’t happen.)
  1. We are easily overwhelmed by numerous people asking things of us at once (the expectations, the intensity, the urgency, you want it all and we worry we cannot give it to you, ALL)
  1. Anxiety is like running on a treadmill 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don’t be surprised when we say we are tired or burned out often. We’re trying our best honestly, even though we often feel its never good enough.
  1. We HATE public speaking, even if we do it you might not know it, but our hearts are beating to get outside of our chests, because we have used every bit of our energy to get through it and will need time to come down from it after. (Please don’t offer us a public speaking course as an antidote, that only helps with nerves and stage presence, NOT the root issue that has caused us anxiety in the first place.)
  1. Networking is great but it gives us the heebie jeebies because we don’t want to make a bad impression or say something stupid and we fear that is exactly what is going to happen.
  1. We put ridiculous amounts of pressure on ourselves to live up to standards created by us or by expectations put on us by others and it is EXHAUSTING, however, we really want to do more, and that’s half of the problem!
  1. Please be wary if you decide to ‘spring’ things on us, business ideas, last minute meetings, events, and partnerships. We need time to prepare, process and think about stuff, so please understand and don’t get disheartened when we don’t jump up with excitement when you come to us with your great idea.
  1. We beat ourselves up and replay mistakes we make no matter how small, because we just want to do so well at everything and fear looking incompetent or stupid.
  1. At the end of it all, we are honestly trying our very best, we care a lot about everything, often way too much, and we will always be our own worst critic so please cut us some slack.


Despite this we can still be creative, be incredibly brave and do great things, which makes us even more fantastic, so if you are running a business and dealing with anxiety too, go YOU!